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Bonny Novesky

Acrylic Prints

Bonny Novesky creates unusual acrylic prints on heavy Arches papers without using a press. Each piece is unique and although she can control the color used, the finished product is often a surprise. The works on paper are frequently incorporated on canvas to create intricately complex layers of rich, colorful abstracts.

James Lee

Mixed Media Collage

Abstract and representational acrylic, gouache, watercolor, collage, graphite, chalk, pencil and other dry media, ink, engraving, etching; photography to capture raw material for other work. Graphic tales and multipart series.

Jeff Brown

Oil Paintings

I draw my ideas from sketches, a library of images and my imagination. My sensibility is to use primary colors and basic, strong shapes. But enlivened by the introduction of jazz-inspired visual riffs, using distortion and juxtaposition of symbols and references to tell a story. I grace my canvases with whimsical elements that will reward the viewer who will put themself into the scene. The endeavor is to weave a fun new form of reality, yet with a tip of the hat to the legacy of other artists, past and contemporary. 

Joan Currie


Joan Currie is an award-winning photographer and mixed media artist. She finds beauty in the ordinary activities of daily living and loves to further transform her images to introduce a whole new aesthetic.  

Call For Art: If you are an accomplished artist and you'd like to exhibit at our Little House Galleries, click here.

News & Announcements

Rosener Open House May 17

Open House!  Rosener House Adult Day Center - Saturday May 17, 2014 - 10am–1 pm 10:30am special musical presentation Come experience our adult activity program in action! Join us for classes led by professional staff, informational sessions with our social work staff, Registered Nurse and therapists.  Rosener House is celebrating 36 years of care for adults with ...READ MORE
Be Inspired

Be inspired …Presenting Margaret George Buy your tickets for the 23rd Annual Authors Salon http://www.penvol.org/events/#authors This is always a great event. Four prize-winning (or soon to be so) writers speak about their work, what moves them, and it will certainly move you! But you’re going to have to move quickly to buy your tickets (or table) ...READ MORE
Queen Elizabeth – The First One

Did you know Elizabeth truly was the last Tudor? Enjoy these “Ten Surprises about Elizabeth Tudor” – compliments of Authors Salon speaker, Margaret George. If you love history, intrigue, and all the rest that goes with royalty, you’re going to love hearing Margaret George speak at our 23rd Annual Authors Salon on May 4th. For ...READ MORE
Author Ron Hansen Will Be GREAT!

The New York Times calls him one of the “most honored and prolific authors, living proof of how imagination can step free of every literal habitation.” Hit “like” if you’re excited to hear him speak at the 23rd annual Authors Salon Luncheon! http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/11/books/review/she-loves-me-not-stories-by-ron-hansen.html?_r=0 Odes to Omaha – ‘She Loves Me Not,’ Stories by Ron Hansen ...READ MORE
New Author Tracy Guzeman at Authors Salon

Author Tracy Guzeman shares a little character insight in this brief two-minute video.   Enjoy! http://youtu.be/QPoZPjeGxSo Tracy Guzeman on her debut novel, THE GRAVITY OF BIRDS Join Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. as Tracy Guzeman speaks at the 23rd Annual Authors Salon Luncheon on Sunday, May 4, 2014. Tickets are on sale now. Call Cathy Duhring, 650-326-0665 ...READ MORE
A Fine Sunday for an Authors Salon

Beautiful place to spend a Sunday morning – and you will want to spend it with us!Join us on May, 4th at Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club for the 23rd Annual Authors Salon Luncheon -http://www.penvol.org/events/#authors Share on Tumblr
How do you spell relief? R-O-S-E-N-E-R

Life throws some curveballs at all of us. Early onset Alzheimer’s is one of those nobody expects, because we tend to associate Alzheimer’s with old age. Now medical science knows better, and people are getting diagnosed much earlier than before. That doesn’t make it any easier. There  is only one known treatment for Alzheimer’s to date: ...READ MORE
Peninsula Volunteers Honor Community Volunteers

Each year Peninsula Volunteers takes time to celebrate all our Community Volunteers. April is National Volunteer Month, and since we couldn’t do our work without all our magnificent volunteers, we want to say “Thank You!” The Peninsula Volunteers and Mary Rached (Director of Community Volunteering) organized a fabulous brunch for over 100 of our best ...READ MORE
Deliver Meals and a Smile to Those in Need!

Meals on Wheels Overview Wednesday, April 30th 2014 – 9:00am – 10:00am Little House Café – 800 Middle Ave, Menlo Park Every week, Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. in Menlo Park prepares and delivers over 1,500 hot, nutritious meals to primarily homebound seniors and adults with disabilities who are unable to shop or cook for themselves. Volunteers deliver ...READ MORE
Our Annual Report is Online

Each year Peninsula Volunteers has an independent audit performed on our accounts and business practices. We combine these results (always positive!) with our list of the fiscal year’s donors (that’s July 1 through June 30, not the calendar year), and some highlights of our goings on. These become our Annual Report to our community. We ...READ MORE

What's Coming

Press Releases

Mayors for Meals 2014

Mayors and officials from across South San Mateo County deliver Meals on Wheels to their constitutents.

Sequoia Healthcare District Grants to Meals on Wheels & Rosener House
Peninsula Volunteers receives funding through Caring Community Grant program. 
Mayors for Meals Returns

Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. Meals on Wheels Hosts “Mayors For Meals Day” on March 20

Celebrating 35 Years of Meals on Wheels Service to South San Mateo County