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High school volunteer shares her Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. experiences

 June 1, 2015 --- Menlo Park Pooja Goel, 16 and a student at Castilleja School in Palo Alto, has been volunteering at Rosener House Adult Day Center since she was in eighth grade. 

Pooja Goel
Pooja Goel

Rosener House, a program of Peninsula Volunteers, Inc., is a model adult day program that provides therapeutic activities to older adults facing challenges and limitations including Alzheimer’s and other dementia, early memory loss, stroke, as well as other chronic conditions.

What began as a parental directive became passion for the honor student who started a club specifically to benefit the Rosener House participants. On any given Wednesday, the students can be found helping serve lunch, working on art projects and in general helping the participants enjoy their Rosener House experience. Here is Pooja’s experience in her own words: I started volunteering at the Rosener House when I was in 8th grade. My mom was tired of seeing me sitting around at home all day during the summer, so she forced me to look for something better to do with my time. I searched up "volunteering opportunities" in the bay area, and came across the Rosener House.

Here is Pooja’s experience in her own words:

The first day I arrived, I sat in a room and put letters into envelopes for a mass mailing; it wasn't nearly as exciting as I thought it would be. I was disappointed to hear that I wouldn't be able to interact with the seniors as I hoped, but nonetheless, I came back the next day. I started coming in more and more, and I got to know all of the staff members. They all were so passionate about what they did, and I learned something new ever day. Pretty soon it didn't matter whether I was filing or entering in data in the computer, because I knew that I was making a difference in the lives of others.

 Before I knew it, I was able to interact with the participants, and I can honestly say that becoming friends with them has been one of the most eye opening experiences in my life. I have heard war veterans talk about their pain in WW2, and I have heard someone tell me about their journeys as a former journalist. Although many of the participants have dementia, they are always willing to have a great time. Seeing them get so excited by the littlest things in life has allowed me to look at the brighter side of things. I cannot even imagine how hard it must be for them to not be able to remember the details in their life, but they still make the best out of every situation. This year I started a club in my school and we come to the Rosener House almost every Wednesday to do various activities with the participants. I wanted to share my experiences with others, and allow them to form the amazing bonds I did. Everyone absolutely loved it, and we look forward to continuing our partnership next year!

For more information about Peninsula Volunteers, Inc., Rosener House, visit www.penvol.org or call 650.322.0126


Students volunteering at Rosener House

Castilleja high school students visit participants at Rosener House Adult Day
center. They belong to a school club that supports Rosener House.















Peninsula Volunteers’ "Meals on Wheels" Receives "Subaru Share The Love" Grant from Meals On Wheels America (MOWA)

 Menlo Park, CA April 22, 2015 Peninsula Volunteers’ "Meals on Wheels" program is proud to announce it has been awarded a significant grant from Meals On Wheels America (MOWA) for its participation in the Subaru "Share the Love" sales event with local dealership, Putnam Subaru of Burlingame.

Subaru’s "Share The Love" sales event helping to drive away senior hunger

Subaru of America donated $250 for every new vehicle sold/leased from November 20, 2014 to January 2, 2015 to the customer's choice of one of four charities, including MOWA. With Subaru of America’s support, MOWA will award $200,000 in "Share the Love" grants to local Meals On Wheels programs that partner with local Subaru dealerships in the fight to end senior hunger. Al Vasquez, General Manager, Putnam Subaru, said "We are proud to engage in this community initiative supporting the staff and volunteers who deliver meals for the Meals on Wheels program in San Mateo County."

"There are over 1 million seniors facing hunger in California; over 16,000 seniors are food insecure/hungry in San Mateo County," said Marilyn Baker-Venturini, Meals on Wheels Program Director for Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. (PVI). "Hunger has a staggering impact on seniors’ health, emotions, and overall quality of life. For so many of our homebound seniors, our hot nutritious meals are their only meal of the day!"

Karae Lisle, CEO of PVI, said that "PVI is most grateful for the generosity and the ongoing support from Putnam Subaru in Burlingame." Peninsula Volunteers "Meals on Wheels" program will use the funds from Subaru to assist the delivery of weekend meals for the most vulnerable older adults.

About Peninsula Volunteers, Inc.

Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. (PVI) is a pioneer serving aging adults. Through its programs - Meals on Wheels, Rosener House Adult Day Services for people with Alzheimer’s, and the Little House, Roslyn G. Morris Activity Center, - more than $5 million in services are delivered each year to 4,500 households, including 130,000 hot meals delivered by Meals on Wheels, to seniors and the homebound. Peninsula Volunteers Properties (PVP) provides a significant number of the affordable senior housing available in Menlo Park. www.penvol.org

About Meals On Wheels America

The Meals On Wheels America (MOWA) is the oldest and largest national organization in the United States representing those programs that provide meals to people in need. MOWA’s mission is to end senior hunger by 2020.

The PVI Meals on Wheels program, celebrates 37 years of service this year, functions in eight (8) cities and the unincorporated areas of southern San Mateo County, with approximately 400 meals cooked, wrapped and delivered to the front door, per day.

Peninsula Volunteers honored for over 4,000 service hours

 Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. is an original partner with RSVP

Audrey and Angela
Audrey Hargis                              Angela Owens

April 14, 2015 (Menlo Park) — When the President of the United States asked every American in 2002 to volunteer at least 4,000 hours in their lifetime, he might have had Peninsula Volunteers., Inc., (PVI) in mind. Audrey Hargis and Angela Owens will be honored by The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) for their community service.

RSVP of San Mateo and Northern Santa Clara Counties, a program of Mills-Peninsula Hospital Senior Focus, will hold the 41st Annual Recognition Luncheon on May 14 to honor several well deserving socially conscious community members.

PVI’s Audrey Hargis will receive the Presidential Service Lifetime Achievement Award for over 4,000 volunteer hours.  Angela Owens will receive an award for 25 years of community service. These awards honor volunteer service at PVI as well as other organizations.

PVI, a Menlo Park based non-profit organization, has provided services for the aging adult community for 67 years. Three major programs offer a wide range of services:  social, cultural and wellness activities at Little House, food for hungry seniors through Meals on Wheels, and day-care for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related challenges at Rosener House. Senior housing is provided through two Peninsula Volunteers’ properties.

The Presidential Service Award is bestowed by the President’s Council on Service & Civic Participation, established in 2003 to recognize and encourage community volunteers. Award winners receive a personalized Certificate of Achievement, a letter of congratulations by the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation, a note from the President of the United States, and a President’s Volunteer Service Award Pin.  

RSVP is one of the largest national volunteer networks in the nation for people 55 and over.  Seniors can use the skills and talents that they have accumulated over the years, or develop new ones while serving in a variety of volunteer activities within their local community. PVI was among the initial organizations to partner when RSVP was founded in 1974. Since then, Peninsula Volunteers has been well represented with RSVP volunteers giving nearly 90,000 hours in community service at all three PVI programs.

Volunteering with PVI for 20 years, Ms. Hargis initially came to Little House, The Roslyn G. Morris Activity Center as a computer counselor. Over the years, she has volunteered in the Little House library, in the Computer Lab and with general administration; she never misses an opportunity to point visitors/members in the direction of the Little House newly renovated garden courtyard. Also a volunteer for the Filoli gardens in Woodside, she said that she likes helping other people and enjoys meeting other volunteers. “Little House has very nice volunteers and I’ve become good friends with people with from all walks of life.” She believes volunteering is “finding what you’re good at and offering your services.”

Serving the community as a volunteer also comes highly recommended by Ms. Owens. “Volunteering is a wonderful way of meeting interesting people, making new friends, learning about and doing things not part of my normal activities, and feeling useful. I found it a great approach for intellectual and emotional support,” she said.

Ms. Owens became involved with PVI in 1992 when she taught music appreciation classes at Little House.. She returned as a Little House volunteer to work on the newsletter and publicity. Since 2010, she has worked in the office on administrative tasks. She has also been a volunteer for the Mid-Peninsula Open Space District as well as the Palo Alto Library. Ms. Owens received the President Award for Service in 2014.


About Peninsula Volunteers, Inc.
Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. is a pioneer serving older adults. Through its programs - Meals on Wheels, Rosener House Adult Day Services, and the Little House, Roslyn G. Morris Activity Center, - more than $5 million in services are delivered each year to 4,500 households, including 130,000 hot meals to seniors and the homebound.  Peninsula Volunteers Properties (PVP) provides 82% of the affordable senior housing in Menlo Park.

Community Event - Mayors-Community Champions for Meals

 Elected officials deliver meals to seniors

Community Care All Mayors

March 18, 2015 (Menlo Park) — Last Wednesday March 18, 2015, Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. (PVI) held their 9th annual Meals on Wheels drive-along day for San Mateo public officials:  Mayors-Community Champions for Meals.

In attendance: Honorable Lisa Yarborough-Gauthier, Mayor of East Palo Alto; Jeff Gee, Mayor of Redwood City; Ron Collins, Mayor of San Carlos; Mark Olbert, Council Member, San Carlos; Rick DeGolia, Mayor of Atherton; Elizabeth Lewis, Vice Mayor, Atherton; David Braunstein, Mayor of Belmont; Don Horsley, Supervisor of San Mateo County; Catherine Carlton, Mayor of Menlo Park; Ron Romines, Councilperson, Woodside; Pamela Kurtzman and Kim Griffin, representing Sequoia Healthcare District.

Each esteemed official was escorted by a Peninsula Volunteer “ambassador” to deliver meals to Meals on Wheels clients, and had the chance to visit with clients and hear about their interesting, full lives. Many clients expressed how appreciative they are for the hot meal and daily smile from their Meals on Wheels delivery driver.

Mayor Braunstein commented, “This is my first time at this event … the entire experience was wonderful. I learned a great deal about PVI, their aging adult programs, and how critical the leaders and volunteers are within the Meals on Wheels program.” Elizabeth Lewis celebrated her 5th year participating in the drive- along; Mayor DeGolia shared that,

“Meals on Wheels is such an extraordinary program for those that would otherwise be underserved.”

Mayor Gee informed the audience that there are two Redwood City residents who are over 100 years old, and thanked PVI for their outstanding ”commitment of the heart” to serve those seniors who need assistance. Supervisor Horsley reminded the event attendees that “The PVI Meals on Wheels program allows aging adults to stay in their home longer - living independently.”  He thanked those community volunteers and staff that deliver hot meals each and every day.

Anna Marie Janky, President of the PVI Board of Directors thanked the City of Menlo Park for their long-standing support of Peninsula Volunteers programs’ focused on serving people with Alzheimer’s at Rosener House, people who are at nutritional risk and have limited mobility with Meals on Wheels, as well as the counties’ active older adults  at Little House.

Facts about Meals on Wheels and Senior Nutrition For 37 years, PVI has been the only provider of home delivered meals in south San Mateo County. We provide one hot, nutritious home delivered meal to each eligible senior and/or disabled adult, Monday – Friday and for those that need weekend meals, we provide additional meals. The meals are cooked early in the morning, package and packed - delivered, hot to the clients’ door, by 1:30 PM daily.

• Each day we deliver an average of 300 meals; o Each meal provides 1/3 of the daily recommended dietary intake for persons 50 and older.

• San Mateo County Client Demographics: o 93% of clients are age 60 and older o 35% are age 85 and older o 60% of clients have incomes of $1,500 or less per month. o for about 14% or 45 of our clients the Meals on Wheels meal delivered is the only meal they have each day; o for the remaining 250 clients it is their main meal; Supplemented with cold cereal or canned soup.

Integral to the program is the staff and volunteers who deliver the meals. They not only deliver nutrition, they deliver a smile, a kind word and a bit of social interaction.

Meals on Wheels supports health and helps to keep older adults in their own homes.

Mayors Champion delivering


About Peninsula Volunteers, Inc.
Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. is a pioneer serving older adults. Through its programs - Meals on Wheels, Rosener House Adult Day Services, and the Little House, Roslyn G. Morris Activity Center, - more than $5 million in services are delivered each year to 4,500 households, including 130,000 hot meals to seniors and the homebound.  Peninsula Volunteers Properties (PVP) provides 82% of the affordable senior housing in Menlo Park.

Music & Memory uplifts spirits of people with dementia

Rosener House is certified provider


Music & Memory

The sound of personalized music brings joy to people with
dementia. Top: Charlie laughs as he hears some of
his favorite holiday music with help from Dao Do.
Bottom: Beverly sings alongto My Girl as Marjorie Quiros
shows her how to use the iPod. Both Dao
and Marjorie are certified in Music & Memory training.

January 6, 2015 (Menlo Park)  Music is something that everyone can enjoy. Music inspires. Music is a vehicle to different places. People with Alzheimer’s disease as well as with other cognitive and physical impairments are reconnecting with their lives by hearing favorite and familiar melodies which unlock fond memories.

Music & Memory is an innovative program that lifts the spirits of the older adults by bring personalized music to them through digital technology, vastly improving their quality of life. Rosener House in Menlo Park is the first adult day program on the San Francisco Peninsula to be certified as a Music & Memory provider.

A model adult day program, Rosener House provides therapeutic activities to older adults facing challenges and limitations including Alzheimer’s and other dementia, early memory loss, stroke, as well as other chronic conditions. Rosener House is a program of Peninsula Volunteers, Inc.

Music & Memory is a national program created Dan Cohen, MSW, who spent for two years with working with adults with dementia and their caregivers. His work is chronicled in Alive Inside, the stirring 2012 documentary that records the astonishing experiences of individuals with severe dementia who have been revitalized through the simple experience of listening to music. The program requires personal music devices so that the participants are not distracted by sounds and can to listen to their personal music.

“Music has always played a big part in the Rosener House activity program. Seeing the power of personalized music in the film Alive Inside inspired us to add this wonderful new program, ‘Music & Memory.’ We look forward to further enhancing our participants’ experience here at Rosener House,” said Barbara Kalt, Rosener House Director.

Other therapies available at Rosener House include physical therapy, occupational therapy, an art program and many other therapeutic recreational activities for different levels of memory and physical abilities.

One of the first adult day centers in the United States, Rosener House stands out as both a respite program for caregivers and a program that offers therapies that improve the health of the participants. In 1978, this approach was a radical departure from the only alternatives which were premature institutionalization or caring for the family member in home with little or no assistance.

For more information about Peninsula Volunteers, Inc., Rosener House or Music & Memory, visit www.penvol.org or call 650.322.0126.



Peninsula Volunteers Presents Sixth Annual Baubles Bangles and Bags Luncheon and Silent Auction

Event is Fundraiser for Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. Dedicated to Providing Quality Senior Services

October 3, 2014 (Menlo Park, California) Over 150 beautiful new, gently used, premier designer and celebrity-owned handbags will be available at Peninsula Volunteers, Inc.’s sixth annual Baubles Bangles and Bags luncheon to be held on November 3, 2014 from 10:30am to 2:00pm at the Menlo Circus Club, 190 Park Lane, Atherton, CA. 

An entertaining presentation on fashion by Babette Pinsky of Oakland with boutiques across the country including, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York will highlight the event which is co-chaired by Jill Jerrehian, Terri Carville and Kimber Sturm.  Tickets are $125 and available by calling Cathy Duhring at 650-326-0665, ext. 238.  Proceeds will benefit Peninsula Volunteers programs: Meals on Wheels; Little House, The Roslyn G. Morris Activity Center; and Rosener House Adult Day Services.

Peninsula Volunteers Honored as 2014 Top-Rated Nonprofit

GreatNonprofits.org Award is based on Positive Online Reviews

September 30, 2014 (Menlo Park, California) Peninsula Volunteers announced today that it has been honored with a prestigious 2014 Top-Rated Award by GreatNonprofits, the leading provider of user reviews about nonprofit organizations.

We are excited to be named a Top-Rated 2014Nonprofit,” says Norman W. Robinson, Interim Executive Director, Peninsula Volunteers. We are proud of our accomplishments this year, including delivering over 1,400 hot meals every week to the homebound through Meals on Wheels, and impacting over 4,500 households through programs at Little House, the Roslyn G. Morris Activity Center, Rosener House Adult Day Services, and Crane Place and Partridge-Kennedy Apartments low cost housing.
The Top-Rated Nonprofit award was based on the large number of positive reviews that Peninsula Volunteers received – reviews written by volunteers, donors and clients. People posted their personal experience with the nonprofit. 

"Dine Out" October 14th Feeds Seniors in San Mateo County

Help feed homebound seniors in our community by dining out on October 14, 2014

September 10, 2014 (Menlo Park, California) – What could be easier than feeding hungry seniors by going out to eat for yourself? On Tuesday, October 14, participating restaurants in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties will donate a percentage of the day’s sales to support Peninsula Volunteers, Inc.’s (PVI) Meals on Wheels program and feed local homebound seniors.   

“When you are hungry nothing else matters! Over 15,000 seniors in San Mateo County are threatened by hunger Every Day!  Please help us to feed them,” said Marilyn Baker-Venturini, Meals on Wheels Director for PVI. 

Support local restaurants and make a difference in the lives of Peninsula seniors.

Community Volunteer honored by RSVP for over 4,000 service hours

Retired journalist has served Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. for over 20 years

June 27, 2014 – Menlo Park, CA Community volunteer Angela Owens was honored by The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program at Mills-Peninsula Hospital with the Presidential Volunteer Service-Lifetime Achievement Award for her service to Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. and other organizations.  

Funding Helps Support a Healthier Community

Sequoia Healthcare District Funds received by Peninsula Volunteers, Inc.

June 20, 2014 – Menlo Park, CA Peninsula Volunteers, Inc., received the first half of two Caring Community Grants awarded by the Sequoia Healthcare District, which renewed funds totaling $140,000 for Meals on Wheels and Rosener House Adult Day Services.

Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. and Rosener House Adult Day Services each receive a $5,000 Grant

Francis S. North Foundation Awards $10,000 to Menlo Park’s Peninsula Volunteers 

June 19, 2014 – Menlo Park, CA  Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. and Rosener House Adult Day Services program were again each awarded $5,000 by the Francis S. North Foundation.  They have generously funded Peninsula Volunteers and Rosener House since 1995.

Grants support two key programs important to Silicon Valley

Peninsula Volunteers Receive County, Facebook Funding

June 10, 2014  Menlo Park, CA San Mateo County awarded a $25,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to the Meals on Wheels program at Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. (PVI), in the same week that Facebook donated $3,500 to PVI. Facebook earmarked $1,500 for Meals on Wheels and $2,000 for Rosener House Adult Day Services.

Over 1,500 meals served weekly by Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. MOW

Rotary Club of Menlo Park Grant to Meals on Wheels Helps Feed Seniors. 

May 29, 2014 – Menlo Park, CA  Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. (PVI) Meals on Wheels has been awarded $2,000 from the Rotary Club of Menlo Park. The funds will help PVI provide nutritious meals to hungry seniors in San Mateo County. Every week, Peninsula Volunteers delivers over 1,500 hot, nutritious meals to seniors and adults with disabilities who are unable to cook for themselves.

The Rotary Club of Menlo Park serves the community and surrounding areas of Menlo Park, California with a variety of service projects and fundraisers that directly benefit the local home area.

Volunteers in Action Day benefits Rosener House Adult Day Services

Allstate Insurance Volunteers make a Difference for Seniors

May 13, 2014 – Menlo Park, CA Allstate Insurance proved what difference a few hours of volunteering can make for seniors. Just in time for the semi-annual Open House, the eight volunteers from Allstate Insurance came armed with gloves, trowels and shovels to spruce up the Rosener House Patio Garden for a Peninsula Volunteers,Inc. (PVI) Volunteers in Action Day. They pulled weeds in the Fountain planter then replanted with fresh flowers.  

Peninsula Volunteers programs receive $140,000

Sequoia Healthcare District renew grants for Meals on Wheels and Rosener House Adult Daycare Services

May, 2014 – Menlo Park, CA Sequoia Healthcare District provides program grants to 29 local non-profits and government organizations that serve the residents of our area through their Caring Community Grants. Through this program Peninsula Volunteers Meals on Wheels was awarded $90,000 for daily meal delivery to disabled or homebound residents in South San Mateo County. Every week, Peninsula Volunteers delivers over 1,500 hot, nutritious meals to seniors and adults with disabilities who are unable to cook for themselves. 

In addition, Peninsula Volunteers Rosener House Adult Day Services was awarded $50,000 to support the adult day care facility, which prevents premature hospitalization and institutionalization of the elderly and those with disabilities. Participants in Rosener House include people with Alzheimer's disease, other dementias, Parkinson's disease, stroke, heart disease, and other age-related physical or cognitive conditions. Rosener House provides a daytime program of therapeutic activities, health and support services, in a caring environment that is enjoyable and emotionally supportive to participants and to their families.

Luncheon raises almost $65,000 for critical senior services

Authors address the rite of writing at Peninsula Volunteers Authors Salon Luncheon

May 4, 2014 – Menlo Park, CA  The audience at the 23rd Annual Authors Salon were enthralled by stories of the writing process from a panel of four distinguished authors moderated by Paul Goldstein, winner of the Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction.

Realtors champion Peninsula Volunteers Adult Day Health Program

Pacific Union Realty Celebrates Office Opening with a $5,000 Donation to Rosener House

April 24, 2014 – Menlo Park, CA Barbara Kalt representing Peninsula Volunteer, Inc. (PVI), accepted a $5,000 donation from the Pacific Union Realty Silicon Valley Office for Rosener House on April 24. Each year Pacific Realty gives each its realtors $5,000 to donate to a charitable cause. Realtors Deanna Tar and Jennifer Pollock selected Rosener House. The award ceremony was held in conjunction with the grand opening of the Pacific Union Realty Silicon Valley flagship office in Menlo Park. The generous donation demonstrates Pacific Union Realty’s commitment to having a positive influence in the local community.

Mayors for Meals deliver Meals on Wheels to Constituents

Peninsula Volunteers Meals on Wheels “Mayors For Meals Day” March 19

Celebrating 36 Years of Meals on Wheels Service to South San Mateo County

March 4, 2014 – Menlo Park, CA For one day this year you can be sure that your local mayors will deliver the goods to their constituents! Mayors and officials will go door to door across mid Peninsula cities bringing life giving hot meals to homebound and frail seniors, who cannot cook for themselves.

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