Enriching Lives As We Age

…and the award goes to

Mila Leonardo and Shanah Hawk, activity leaders for Peninsula Volunteers, Inc., Rosener House, are the 2015 recipients of the Roos-Kates Care Awards. Each year the awards are given to two Rosener House staff for their outstanding work and care of participants with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.  Top left, Mila is congratulated by Gene Kates and on the right Shana receives flowers from Deborah Streiber.   Bottom photo: Standing are Rosener House Director Barbara Kalt, Shanah Hawk, Mila Leonardo and Karae Lisle, CEO of Peninsula Volunteers. Sitting are Gene Kates, John Kates and Deborah Streiber.

The award was originally conceived and endowed by Patricia Roos Kates, who recognized that people with Alzheimer’s disease were often misunderstood. She decided that rewarding and encouraging the special efforts of health care professionals of people with Alzheimer’s was a remedy.

Mila and Shana received the awards at very special ceremony on February 24, 2015, at Rosener House.

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