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You Want Hats? We’ve Got Them

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

You have got to see the Wayne Wichern millinery exhibit at our Little House. The hats (and the forms) are in our glass galleries.

Wayne knows women’s hats like no one else! He’s a master milliner with celebrity clients. All of this gorgeous custom work will knock you out if you’re a hat fan. And if you’re not, but you appreciate art and sculpture, then this will still knock you out.

What (or who) inspires his work?

“Leaves, I have an interesting thing for leaves and other natural things like seedpods, feathers, shells. You can see leaves interpreted in many in my hat trims. I have an interesting collection of hat blocks, which inspire me as well. Most of these blocks are quite old and therefore considerably dated for contemporary design work. The inspiration comes with the challenge to use these old and familiar blocks in new and interesting ways. ”

“People or rather personalities interest and inspire me. I have a wonderful client who has rather flamboyant taste. I was inspired to make a hat for her, without discussing it first. I planned to take the hat with me to a trunk show and she would see it there. Well I was a bit dashed as she was not able to make the event. So I called her when I returned and suggested that I send the hat to her on approval. When I mentioned that the hat was red with black trim she said, ‘Oh my dear, I don’t wear red’. I suggested that I send the hat anyway, she could try it on and if she liked the style, I would make it in a color she would wear. The day she received the hat she called me to say,  ‘Wayne, This morning, I opened the box and pulled out this beautiful hat thinking, I don’t wear red’. ‘Well my dear, I have tried the hat on and I haven’t taken it off all day, in fact I am calling you on my cell phone from Nordstrom. I’m looking for an outfit to go with it. Everyone has told me that I look wonderful, so I guess do I wear red’”.

“Meeting with a client, seeing the outfit, discussing the events or plans for the wearing of the hat, will generate most of my design direction. Sometimes just the materials I happen to be working with. I rarely draw or sketch preferring to let the materials find their way into a hat. I have come to think of myself as a sculptor.  ”

Come see for yourself. Little House galleries are open 62 hours/week, from 8 AM through 9 PM Mon-Thurs, and closing at 5 PM on Fridays.

Samuel Merritt Nurses at Crane Place

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Our Samuel Merritt nursing students have been doing an excellent job of health promotion at Little House, Rosener House and Meals on Wheels.

Come join them at Little House every Thursday morning until Thanksgiving week for: snacks, recipes, screenings, and yet another creative and fun activity to promote healthy living.

What they have also undertaken is to bring the  FUN to our Crane Place Apartments residents in Menlo Park. Click here to take a look.

Fun with Wood Shop at Little House

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck….. 

Never thought of yourself as being able to work in wood? You can, you know! Maybe it was just a not so great shop teacher that put you off, or not having space or tools. Whatever the excuse, the woodworker in you still lives.


Our instructor, Rick Springer, has spent his life in fine woodworking and, even more important, he’s a dynamite teacher. Just take a look at this:

Hands-on, helpful, friendly as all get out, our Wood Shop is just the place for you. Try it; you’ll like it.