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Food IS Good Medicine!

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

At Meals on Wheels we have long known that food is good medicine.

Our direct experience over 36 years with food recipients shows how vital these daily, hot, nutritious meals are to keeping seniors alive, healthy and out of hospitals. Good nutrition is extra important to seniors in helping with fall prevention. Our daily safety checks have even saved lives!

For the past few years we have been collaborating with Sequoia Hospital and Peninsula Hospital by providing Meals on Wheels to their recently discharged senior patients. Evidence is mounting quickly that a month or so of our daily meals (plus that daily safety check) is having a markedly positive impact on keeping these patients from being re-hospitalized.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Major studies of similar meals programs in the U.S. demonstrate these very same results.

Here’s an abstract from a study done by MANNA, a Philadelphia meals program:

Chronically ill populations have a strong need for quality public health nutrition services to aid in disease management and improve health outcomes. Evidence suggests that neglecting the importance of adequate nutrition in chronically ill patients has far-reaching implications on the health status of the individual and the health care costs. … This pilot study done through the nonprofit organization MANNA …  found that the mean monthly health care costs decreased for three consecutive months after initiation of MANNA services. Other health care cost–related factors, such as inpatient costs, length of stay, and number of hospital admissions also displayed a downward trend. These results help show the significance of medical nutrition therapy and home-delivered meal services on overall health care.

To find out more about our Meals on Wheels program, whether you want to receive meals, volunteer to help us pack and deliver, or donate, click here.

Planting the Seeds of Health

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Our Meals on Wheels program has been collaborating with Sequoia Hospital in a pioneering program to show that nutrition is great medicine. Along with other partner social service agencies, Peninsula Volunteers Meals on Wheels connects with seniors as they are discharged from the hospitals to ensure that they have all the service they need to keep from being readmitted.

It works and it works exceedingly well in the case of the food we provide.

It’s more than just their bodies we are nurturing; we’re also nurturing their spirits. That daily human contact (not to mention the daily safety check) has almost as much to do with keeping their immunity up as the nutrition.

Here’s a great example: One client from Sequoia Hospital was thrilled with her Meals on Wheels. When the need for them ended and she was well again, she told everyone how delighted she had been with our service and how much she felt it helped her overcome her health condition.

She’s a gardener, and she saved all the biodegradable Meals on Wheels trays we sent her. She turned them into seed trays to start her spring vegetable garden off right.

Now that’s carrying the seeds of good health very far.

Food is good medicine. Hooray for Meals on Wheels!

Samuel Merritt Nurses at Crane Place

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Our Samuel Merritt nursing students have been doing an excellent job of health promotion at Little House, Rosener House and Meals on Wheels.

Come join them at Little House every Thursday morning until Thanksgiving week for: snacks, recipes, screenings, and yet another creative and fun activity to promote healthy living.

What they have also undertaken is to bring the  FUN to our Crane Place Apartments residents in Menlo Park. Click here to take a look.