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Find Affordable Living With Us

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Seniors in California face different struggles everyday. Beyond the journey of aging, the challenge to live with self-sufficient independence hits a wall when cost of living exceeds our nation’s Social Security program. Henry Ramos of the Huffington Post recently wrote:

“During the recession, California legislators cut monthly payments, suspended and then eliminated cost-of-living adjustments. In doing so, they took $4.6 billion out of circulation in the localities where benefits recipients live (source). At its current level, SSI leaves 1.3 million other Californians not only below this important self-sufficiency standard but below the federal poverty level.”

The importance of reinvesting in our seniors is greater now than ever. Peninsula Volunteers works in conjunction with Crane Place & Partridge-Kennedy Apartments, to provide low-cost living for our local seniors of Menlo Park. As an organization we understand that the demands of living are high, which is why we’re committed to lend the helping hand you or a loved one may need.

To learn more about our senior housing visit http://www.penvol.org/seniorhousing. To read the entire article written by Ramos click here.

Peninsula Volunteer Properties Breaks Ground

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Groundbreaking for the long anticipated Crane Place Landscaping Project was held November 19 at 9a.m. sharp!  Participating were representatives from Peninsula Volunteers; Barcelon Associates, who manage the complex; Crane staff and residents.

Upon completion, Crane Place, a 90 unit low-income housing project in Menlo Park, one of two owned by Peninsula Volunteers, will be a Class A project in every respect.The scope of the redesign of the landscaping ranges from the aesthetic to safety upgrades in paving, drainage, irrigation and lighting.

This project furthers our commitment to provide quality housing to Menlo Park low-income seniors. It will truly be the Peninsula Volunteer “crown jewel”.

Crane Place was a pioneering venture by Peninsula Volunteers, under our sister corporation, Peninsula Volunteer Properties Inc. It was the second such complex we built, the first being Partridge Kennedy Apartments, which itself was the very first HUD financed private senior low income housing project in the entire United States!

In fact, President John F. Kennedy, in a letter to PV in 1961, cited our efforts as an example for the nation:

“Your leadership in sponsoring retirement housing is an example for all the nation. The start you have made will soon be followed by similar projects like yours.”

To view the video, Crane Place Ground Breaking