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Currently Featured in the Little House Galleries

Joyce Savre - Collage

(In the Cafe & Theater Galleries)

I came to painting by way of poetry.  In the process of writing and editing poems I became so  absorbed by language, I felt I needed to ground myself and  picked up the brush.  Everything I learned about the process of writing pertains also to painting and collage. Writing itself  becomes the subject of the work in my “Handwriting”  series.

In the collages, recycled images from past paintings and drawings, lines of a poem and passages of music reappear in a different setting, a new context.  Hopefully the more you look, the more you will see.  Just as with people, things are often more than they appear to be.

Our lives consist of myriad pockets of influences.  We want to simplify but life is complex.  Collage, for me, addresses the complexity.  The bits and pieces  are beautiful in their smallness and their wholeness. 

The layers suggest a passage of time, sometimes years, sometimes moments. Though some early stages of a painting might be more random, the final layers that show are left for a reason.  The images are all related: they are connected in my mind, in my painted poem.

Here's an article on the InMenlo site about Joyce: click here.

Bonny Novesky - Acrylic Prints

(In the Lucy Uhl Gallery)

Bonny Novesky creates unusual acrylic prints on heavy Arches papers without using a press. Each piece is unique and although she can control the color used, the finished product is often a surprise. The works on paper are frequently incorporated on canvas to create intricately complex layers of rich, colorful abstracts.

Novesky’s work has been greatly influenced by her travels to Asia, the structures of Tibetan temples, the ruins of Angkor Wat, the patterns of Japan and the colors of India and Nepal. Jewel tones such as ambers, jades and aquamarines are incorporated into her papers for rich organic results.

The artist grew up in the Midwest and was a fine arts major at the University of Wisconsin. She continued her education at Layton School of Art in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her art is widely collected and hang in prominent private and corporate collections throughout the United States.

James Lee - Mixed Media Collage

(In the Glass Galleries)

My motivation is to tell stories and create places. I work with acrylic paint, gouache, dry media, photography (to capture raw material for other work), collage elements, and have worked extensively with intaglio printing processes. My work is abstract or figurative. I am interested in breaking down color and form into singular, quasi-atomic units, and to connect directly with noumenal colors and shapes.

I have also done psychojournalistic projects on the First Gulf War and the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, as well as serial works on Smokey Robinson, the story of Jason and the Argonauts, a windswept, treeless, and uninhabited sub-arctic island between Newfoundland and Labrador (“Belle Isle”), billion-year-old light coming from distant galaxies, and the symbiotic relationship between figs and wasps. 

Media: Abstract and representational acrylic, gouache, watercolor, collage, graphite, chalk, pencil and other dry media, ink, engraving, etching; photography to capture raw material for other work. Graphic tales and multipart series.

Jeff Brown - Oil Paintings

(In the Main Gallery)

My desire to paint began when I noticed that I reacted emotionally to certain works of art, especially oil paintings. As I spent more and more time at galleries, fairs and museums, I felt that I had to begin painting myself.

I draw my ideas from sketches, a library of images and my imagination. My sensibility is to use primary colors and basic, strong shapes. But enlivened by the introduction of jazz-inspired visual riffs, using distortion and juxtaposition of symbols and references to tell a story. I grace my canvases with whimsical elements that will reward the viewer who will put themself into the scene. The endeavor is to weave a fun new form of reality, yet with a tip of the hat to the legacy of other artists, past and contemporary. The journey has been deeply rewarding as well as fun and I am enthusiastic to keep learning, discovering and creating. I hope that you enjoy the ride with me.

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