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Currently Featured in the Little House Galleries 

Joan Currie - Digital Photography

Joan Currie is an award-winning photographer and mixed media artist. She finds beauty in the ordinary activities of daily living and loves to further transform her images to introduce a whole new aesthetic.  

As an artist, Joan draws upon her depth of experience in the health care setting - a certain vulnerability and fragility that is expressed in the patients' narratives, and she juxtaposes that with the same vulnerability and fragility that exists in the physical world. Joan holds a Master of Science from Harvard University in Health Policy & Management and a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto. Joan also has published extensively in BayFashion Magazine, is the creator of the Satin & Sand blog about the beauty aesthetic (that features her photography, art, and writing), and exhibits her work in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you are interested in purchasing any of her work, please contact Joan Currie at or 650-223-9285.

Maida Kasle - Monotypes

Maida's lifetime involvement with the making of art, as both student and teacher, has left a legacy of warm memories and a body of work that illustrates her limitless imagination. She painted in oil and acrylics for many years, but in 1987, at the Pacific Art League where she was a member for 44 years, Maida became intrigued by the unique qualities and properties of the monotype process. After years of painting from the model, she was excited to have the freedom to spontaneously create her own images and fantasies. The printmaking fever eventually extended to the collagraph, a combination of collage and printmaking; as well as etching on metal and Styrofoam. Her images are often reminiscent of another place and time, a wonderful adventure into the world of Toulouse Lautrec, Degas and other Post-impressionists who inspired her. Many of her images depict the human figure in poses that convey powerful emotions, sometimes crystal clear, at other times quite ambiguous. Maida liked to leave it up to the viewer to interpret the situation and it's outcome. But in every piece, it is clear that there was a strong and underlying feeling of empathy and compassion for her subjects. 

Her oil and pastel work has been exhibited in the ToledoArt Museum, ChicagoStateUniversity, The Pacific Art League, and a number of galleries in Baltimore and WashingtonD.C. Her monotyoes have been shown at the Pacific Art League, at galleries in Saratoga, Palo Alto and Oakland, CA and purchased for the permanent collection of the TritonArt Museum in Santa Clara, CA.

Steven L. Hargrove - Digital Photography

The search for unique images in the natural world is the overriding intent of Steven's photography. He conducts this search in both his back yard and also many miles from home. Occasionally, preparation and luck lead to the happy intersection of sublime subject and ready shutter finger. After that, Steven works very hard to produce the highest quality prints he can of those images.


Steven's work is totally digital, uitilizing digital SLR cameras, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and some specialized third-party sfotware. He captures raw images and perform the equivalent of what one would do in a chemical darkroom, only using digital technology. 

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