Rosener House

Rosener House Security

We are pleased to have the following type of security to ensure our participants' safety and their family members' peace of mind.

Rosener House was designed to afford the maximum in independence, dignity, and safety for participants. The building is fully accessible, for the use of walkers and wheelchairs. Easy transitions from room to room and to the secure patio and garden promote independent ambulation. There are wide hallways with continuous grab bars and good natural light.

The security system is totally state-of-the-art, with "delayed egress" from participant activity areas to ensure safety for participants with short-term memory loss. This security system allows participants with memory loss the ability to walk freely throughout the facility and garden without the need for constant staff monitoring. The facility also is designed with "purposeful wandering paths," both indoors and out.

Staff members have key cards for all secure doors. The security system is approved by our licensing body, the California Department of Social Services, Community Care Division, the Menlo Park Fire Department, and the Department of Veteran's Affairs Fire Inspector.