Exploring the World through Travel

“I have taken my travelers all over the world, and it has been a very vital part of my life,” said Dolores Siegfried, the outgoing travel desk volunteer at Little House.  Dolores has been responsible for Little House trips for over 30 years.  “Little House is my second home.”

Prior to volunteering at Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. Dolores worked in retail for many years.  During that time, she recalled that women were not allowed to be managers.  After being promoted as far as she could go, she decided it was time to retire.  In pursuit of a new challenge, Dolores discovered Little House by signing up for golf lessons.  This led her to the volunteer position for the travel desk.

When she first started volunteering, she remembers Little House as literally being a little house.  Over the years, as it has grown and developed, so has Dolores’ community of travelers and their loyalty to her trips.  She created a special bond with participants over the years. “Some of them are very personal friends, I give them birthday cards and Christmas cards”, she says.

Dolores has organized trips within San Mateo County and as far as Australia and the Greek Isles.  One of her favorite trips was one that encompassed Scotland, Ireland, and London.  Dolores recalls seeing the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace in London, the beautiful nature of Ireland, and the history of the Scottish clans.

She has offered her clientele romantic locales such as Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy and adventurous destinations including a three-night jungle adventure in Costa Rica.

Little House hosts one day trips every month and five overnight trips a year.  Larger trips last ten to fourteen days.  Excursions can gather up to 50 participants and include tours of the destination and scenic pictures.

Dolores expressed that the most memorable things were not only the amazing destinations, but the time spent with her traveling group and the impact the trips had in their lives. “It’s such a good feeling to contribute to other people’s lives, and it’s why I am still here,” she says.

Little House is appreciative of Dolores’ thirty years of dedication to the travel department and its growth over the years.  Next time you are at Little House, stop by the travel desk to find out more information about upcoming trips and be a part of these amazing journeys.

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