New Garden at Rosener House

“We all felt proud of ourselves and so happy that we made the participants and the staff a space to relax and enjoy this wonderful place,” said 13-year-old Ashley who along with friends and family had finished renovating Rosener House’s garden.

After touring through Rosener House Adult Day Services Center, Ashley noticed an untended garden.  The lawn needed mowing, weeds had to be pulled.  Altogether the garden was not in its best shape.  Ashley envisioned a colorful green garden with a plethora of flowers for members to enjoy.

Luckily for Rosener House, as a Senior Girl Scout, Ashley needed to take on a project to obtain her Silver Award, which required her to help and educate the community about an issue or cause.  As a result, Ashley decided to take on the project of restoring Rosener House’s garden,a lovely addition for staff and participants at Rosener House.

With the new garden now in place, participants can reap the benefits that it provides.  According to BetterHealth, “seniors spending time in gardens can lead to improving endurance and strength, prevention of diseases such as osteoporosis, reduction in stress levels,” as well as an increase of physical activity which helps mobility and flexibility.  As Rosener House provides services tailored to seniors who are cognitively impaired, gardening or simply a walk through a garden in and of itself  can be therapeutic to those who experience memory loss.

We are most thankful for the collaborative efforts of Ashley, her troop leader Lydia, as well as her friends, siblings, and especially her grandmother who all volunteered to make this possible.  As Ashley expressed, “Not only was the gardening and weeding challenging, but also the planning that went into it.” In total 85 hours were dedicated to the garden at Rosener House, with 55 of those hours being Ashley’s efforts alone.

The team did an excellent job with the garden, and were kind enough to purchase outdoor decorations such as wind chimes to hang on trees and pinwheels to place in the planters to add color accents and harmony to the Rosener House garden.  A big thanks to Ashley and everyone at Rosener House for everything that they do.

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