Transportation Service at Little House

For so many of us who rely on cars to get around, it can be unthinkable to imagine a day when we will have to give up driving. But for aging adults, the realities of roadways designed with younger drivers in mind can make maintaining their drivers licenses a liability.  Others may drive but find longer distances or nighttime driving difficult.  As reflexes and vision deteriorate, the size of sign wordage, brightness of lighted signals, and many other features make roads less and less easy to navigate.

Not having the ability to get around can lead to loss of independence, reduced mobility, and isolation.  Unreliable transportation and a lack of experience with online services can leave seniors stuck at home, unable to participate in physical and social activity or attend important medical appointments.

Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. (PVI), understands these challenges and has found a way to address them for seniors in our community.  We are excited to collaborate with Lyft Concierge to tackle this problem.  Lyft brings a new focus to transportation technology that better meets the needs of our aging population.

Our motto is “No smart phone? No problem!” A ride is just a phone call away.  Seniors can talk to a friendly, live person at Little House and schedule a ride between their home and Little House, or to or from medical and dental appointments.

Thanks to the support of The Sequoia Healthcare District (SHCD), PVI began piloting this program in May of 2016. Since that time, the service has grown exponentially.  To date we have given thousands rides as the program continues to grow.  The service is available to everyone.  Those living within the SHCD boundary, which is most of southern San Mateo County, are eligible for a ride subsidy thanks to the District’s support.  PVI is continually looking for financial support for those seniors living in other geographic locations who now pay the regular Lyft rate.

The Lyft service is available from 8am to 8pm, Monday through Thursday, and 8am to 4pm on Friday.  With additional support, we hope to extend the service for other destinations in the future.  To request a ride to Little House or an appointment, please call (650) 272-5040.

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