Meals On Wheels Impact in the Community

By Lene Lauti, Marketing Intern Here at Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. (PVI) we are always looking to serve our clients and enhance the lives of seniors in our community. Our Meals on Wheels program’s goal is to increase security access to nutritious food. Keeping older adults and adults with disabilities well nourished, healthy, and living in… Read more

Welcoming 70 Years

By Peter Olson, CEO It is with both pride and excitement that we welcome the 70th year of Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. (PVI). In September 1947, the women who formed this organization began providing services for the aging community in Menlo Park. Now, 70 years later, PVI provides services to over 6,000 seniors throughout San Mateo… Read more

Water, An Essential Nutrient

By Marilyn Baker-Venturini, Director Meals on Wheels Water is essential to the human body and is one of the most important nutrients in your diet. The human body is about 60% water. Water controls body temperature, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells, removes wastes, and protects organs and tissues. Most people need 8-12 cups daily… Read more

Fighting Social Isolation

By Paige Sweetin, Program Manager Little House Over the last several months, the New York Times has run a series of articles discussing the effects of social isolation on aging adults, particularly how it relates to their physical health. Research shows that the socially isolated have an increased risk of stroke and heart disease which… Read more

Improving Health and Well-being with Music Therapy

By Barbara Kalt, Rosener House Director Rosener House offers an enriched adult day program for individuals with physical and cognitive challenges, including post-stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Through the years, Rosener House has added services that are needed by program participants and their family members: nursing services, physical, occupational, speech therapies, weekly… Read more

Rosener House Chats with Tina and Tony

PVI Rosener House Adult Day Services is an activity program designed to meet the needs of older adults through a variety of activities and therapies. The program also serves as respite for caregivers during the work day. Shanah and Marjorie, activity leaders at Rosener House, had the opportunity to meet with two participants to ask… Read more