Rosener House Chats with Tina and Tony

PVI Rosener House Adult Day Services is an activity program designed to meet the needs of older adults through a variety of activities and therapies. The program also serves as respite for caregivers during the work day.

Shanah and Marjorie, activity leaders at Rosener House, had the opportunity to meet with two participants to ask them about their Rosener House experience and their individual perspective on attending the program. Tina and Tony have been attending the program for more then a few years now, and it is safe to say they are taking advantage of all that Rosener House has to offer.

They have a daily routine of socializing with friends, having lunch, and participating in the activities of their choice. (Exercise, music, and brain games to name a few.) Here’s some of what they had to say:

Shanah: Describe your day here at Rosener House.
Tina: I’m going now to an exercise class, we always do exercises. I was lifting one pounders and now I’m at three pounders. Then I decide to go to current events. I can’t read because I can’t see, so that has helped me a lot.
Marjorie: What do you like most about attending Rosener House?
Tony: It’s hard, so many things. I’d have to pick more than one. Learning the bongos was really exciting for me.
Tina: I like all the classes. When I first came here I decided to attend as many different classes as I could, and then I picked the ones I really liked. I never thought I would be taking drumming.The first time that I started playing, I thought, “this is nice!”
Marjorie: Would you recommend the program to others? If so, why?
Tony: I would recommend the program because once you get into it, you get the feeling of being with people and being active. As a tendency with old age, you tend to withdraw and I asked myself, “What would be the alternative if I wasn’t in the program?” Well, I would probably be very quiet and withdrawn.
Tina: I know I am benefiting. I can tell with the classes. When I first had one of my strokes, I could speak but I couldn’t understand too well. Rosener House has taught me quite a lot and has helped me in that way.
Shanah: What advice would you give someone who is hesitant to attend Rosener House?
Tina: It’s kind of scary to go some place where you don’t know anyone. I would tell them about my experience here. I had known about Rosener House after volunteering at Little House. Peter Olson had told me a little bit about Rosener House. I never told my daughter about the program. The next time she came to visit and she saw that I had been laying on the couch, and the TV was on…she told me, “Get up mom, you’re going to Rosener House.” When I arrived, I saw the Volunteer Manager, we both hugged and I said, “I want to come to Rosener House!”
Tony: My question to them is, “If you didn’t come to Rosener House, what is your alternative?” People must stop and think. The alternative; you would be home, not being social, you would vegetate.
Marjorie: How would you describe Rosener House in a few words?
Tina: Helpful and friendly staff. Without Rosener House, I don’t know what I would be doing, probably sleeping, and not helping myself. Thank you!
Tony: Kindness. It’s the kindness of people helping other people, it’s something you wouldn’t find anywhere else. The staff, they are warm, fun, and make for a different approach to later years.

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