Rosener House – The Most Cost Effective Option In Long Term Care Today

Rosener House offers a positive, caring option for older adults living with challenges such as Alzheimer’s disease, post-stroke, and other age-related conditions. Rosener House is an all-inclusive program providing therapies, health services, recreational activities, transportation, and a fresh, hot lunch for participants while providing respite for family caregivers.

When compared to other long-term care options, Rosener House is by far the most cost effective option. Families can remain together, aging in place, while participants benefit from the active social environment, and caregivers get time to do things without worry. More families are sure to need these services because today, 80% of seniors prefer to live at home.

Regular attendance at Rosener House can help participants stabilize medical conditions and avoid frequent hospitalizations, improve ability to perform daily activities, increase self-esteem and dignity, slow the deterioration of cognitive functioning, increase verbal ability and mobility, and provide opportunities for friendships, decreasing isolation and loneliness.  Rosener House enhances the quality of life for participants and the whole family.

Rosener House is able to offer  reduced rates to families who cannot afford the full fee with the generous support of our donors and fundraising events at Peninsula Volunteers, Inc.

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