Stephanie Happe, New Personal Trainer at Little House

Little House is excited to introduce our personal trainer Stephanie Happe to our team! Stephanie earned her undergraduate degree in Dietetics but quickly found her passion working with special population exercise programs and in 2011 became a certified personal trainer, NSCA-CSCS.

Aside from her love for fitness and well-being, she is also passionate about helping clients with chronic diseases and movement dysfunction retain their quality of life. Her areas of expertise range from active, healthy individuals to those with Parkinsons, arthritis, diabetes, dementia, auto-immune diseases, balance difficulties, or weight management. She believes proper posture, good balance, and a strong core are the building blocks to any effective fitness and wellness routine.

Stephanie creates personalized workout programs tailored to keep you fit and strong, correct muscle imbalances, relieve chronic pain, and challenge you to achieve your fitness and wellness goals. Personal training hours are offered by appointment only.

To learn more about our Personal Training Program, please contact our Fitness/Wellness Program Coordinator, Nettie Azoulay at or call

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