Tuesday, May 1, 2018…


Where will you 

to support Meals on Wheels?

Any participating restaurants listed below will donate 10% of proceeds to  benefit PVI Meals on Wheels, home delivered meals program to homebound and disabled seniors in San Francisco Peninsula.

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Participating Restaurants

The American Bull Bar & Grill 1819 El Camino Real 650-652-4908 www.theamericanbull.com
Pompeii Ristorante 100 State Street 650-949-2400 www.pompeiiristorante.com
Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria 880 Santa Cruz Avenue 650-329-8888 www.amicis.com
Carpaccio (Dinner Only) 1120 Crane Street 650-322-1211 www.carpaccios.com
El Cerrito Mexican Restaurant 325 Sharon Park Drive, #B4 650-854-7300 www.elcerritomexicanrestaurntmenlopark.com
Sundance The Steakhouse 1921 El Camino Real 650-321-6798 www.sundancethesteakhouse.com
Parkside Grille 884 Portola Road #1A 650-529-9002 www.parksidegrille.com
Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria 226 Redwood Shores Pkway 650-654-3333 www.amicis.com
L V Mar 2042 Broadway Street 650-241-3111 www.chefmanuelmartinez.com
La Viga 1772 Broadway Street 650-679-8141 www.chefmanuelmartinez.com
Mistral 370-6 Bridge Parkway 650-802-9222 www.mistraldining.com
Redwood Grill 356 Woodside Plaza 650-363-9343 www.rwgrill.com
Sakura Teppanyaki & Sushi 2198 Broadway Street 650-368-0800 www.sakurateppan.com
Sakura Teppanyaki & Sushi 373 Main Street 650-369-4350 www.sakurateppan.com
Villa Lucia’s 1725 Woodside Road 650-365-3811 www.villalucias.com
Woodside Deli 1453 Woodside Road 650-369-4235 www.woodsidedeli.net
Celia’s Mexican Restaurant Celia’s Mexican Restaurant 650-877-8245 www.celiasrestaurants.com
Sakura Teppanyaki & Sushi 744 Laurel Street 650-832-1254 www.sakurateppan.com
Celia’s Mexican Restaurant 3190 Campus Drive 650-349-0165 www.celiasrestaurants.com
Celia’s Mexican Restaurant 504 Peninsula Avenue 650-343-5886 www.celiasrestaurants.com
Alice’s Restaurant 17288 Skyline Blvd. 650-851-0303 www.alicesrestaurant.com
Firehouse Bistro 2991 Woodside Road 650-851-4988 www.thefirehousebistro.com
The Little Store 3340 Woodside Road 650-851-8110

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