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PVI Meals on Wheels provides much more than just a nutritious meal! Our staff is dedicated and wants to assist you with your various needs and questions.

Social Services and Support

Just before or soon after you begin receiving your meals, our Assessment/Staff will arrange to visit you in your home. This visit is important for assessing your functional status, health condition, living situation, eligibility, food safety, and to provide referrals for other services.

The MOW staff are required to visit you two or more times a year and call you periodically to see how you are doing and ask how the program is working for you. They are also available to help with any needs or to answer questions. They can be contacted by calling the office at 650-323-2022.

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To learn more about our Meals on Wheels program and the benefits that we provide, please call 650-323-2022 or click on profile.

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