Other FAQs

Home Safety

Please do not leave your doors unlocked for the driver.  If you do so, it is at your own risk, and, we cannot be held liable for anything reported missing or stolen from your home.

Emergency Supplies

In the rare event your meal cannot be delivered, we suggest that you keep some easy to prepare food supplies on hand.  Dried fruit, crackers, breads, and soups (low sodium) are good items for emergencies.  We will provide you a list two times per year.

Pet Policy

For the safety of your pets and the MOW staff and volunteer drivers, please keep your pets contained during delivery times and home visits.  Failure to comply may result in your meal not being delivered.


Due to confidentiality, we will only speak directly to MOW clients regarding their meal service.  Clients who wish to have someone else speak on their behalf must inform our office in writing.


Please make checks payable to PVI Meals on Wheels.

Drivers are not allowed to accept tips, gratuities or gifts from clients.  If you give money to the driver, it will be accepted as a contribution to MOW to help pay for the cost of the meal service.

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To learn more about our Meals on Wheels program and the benefits that we provide, please call 650-323-2022 or click on profile.

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