Rosener House Virtual Offerings

Rosener House is continuing to serve clients by offering a virtual program complete with live daily activities, 1:1 Care Calls, activity packets, and weekly caregiver check-ins!

Morning activities begin at 11 am to promote a healthy morning routine. In a group setting, we are able to continue socializing while we are apart and prevent feelings of loneliness and isolation.

1:1 Care Calls are activity-based, friendly conversations with clients facilitated by our staff via video chat or phone call.

Caregiver Check-Ins to listen to the needs of caregivers and provide resources.

Rosener House at Home


Rosener House Adult Day Services has created an online resource for seniors and their families who are staying safe and sheltering in place. Our website offers engaging activities to promote keeping your mind and body active! Here you will find music, movement, brain games, art appreciation, travel, and even Tango workshops!

Here is a sneak peek of our site!

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