Caregiver Support at Rosener House

The well-being of the families and friends who are the caregivers of Rosener House participants is of high importance to the Rosener House program. These unsung heroes provide countless hours of care to their loved ones, and are at risk for “care giver burnout”. This can have an adverse effect on the overall well-being of their partner.

Weekly Caregiver Support Group
Rosener House hosts a weekly caregiver support group under the auspices of the Alzheimer’s Association. This is a safe and non-judgmental environment for current caregivers to share their concerns, receive and give support to one another, and for education and exchange of “how to and what ifs”. Respite is offered while they are in the meeting, whether or not their loved one is enrolled at Rosener House.

Workshops and Speakers
There are occasional speakers to provide information on being a caregiver, managing dementia related behaviors, legal and medical concerns, and self-care for the caregivers.

Information and Referrals
The social worker at Rosener House offers one on one consultations in order to provide information for community resources for additional services including home care, placement options, and other specific resources requested by the caregivers.

Caregivers Recommend
According to the annual Rosener House Caregiver Satisfaction Survey, 94 % of our caregivers agreed that their quality of life has improved, and 100% are satisfied with the services and would recommend Rosener House to their friends./

Please call Rosener House Social Worker 650-322-0126 or email us to discuss your own needs as a caregiver and to learn if Rosener House would be helpful for you family.

His smile grows bigger every day that he participates in activities at Rosener House! The staff are always welcoming and energizing. He truly enjoys the music program and practices singing throughout the day on ‘home’ days. Making friends and sharing experiences has added new meaning to his life. I am so happy that he is feels engaged and appreciated. I can take a deep breath and relax knowing that he will feel fulfilled at the end of the day.”

“Rosener House, with it’s incredible staff, was my life saver for over 5 years, and the weekly caregiver support meeting feels like a family gathering. You cannot imagine how I value your amazing work, and please know that I would have been in the loony bin without you! You made my life possible, and Paul’s as well. I couldn’t imagine life without Rosener House.”

She thinks your program is wonderful. Recently she began mentioning specific friends there that she enjoys spending time with (even if she can’t remember their names, lol). She also really likes Redi-Wheels, and says her usual driver is extremely friendly and helpful.

Thank you for all that you and the other Rosener House staff do — it’s made a huge difference in Mom’s life. And mine!”

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