Nursing Services and Therapies

All participants have the benefit of Rosener House having a Registered Nurse on staff.  Therapies are provided to participants who can benefit from the on-going individual and group sessions to improve and maintain their strength, independence, and abilities.

  • Health monitoring, medication and diet management by Registered Nurse.
  • Coordinates an individualized plan of care for each participant with input from families and interdisciplinary team, with six-month updates.
  • Provides ongoing health education and emergency care when needed, consults with families and physicians.
Personal Care Assistance
  • Certified Nursing Assistants and/or Personal Care Assistants assist participants with activities of daily living, including ambulating, transferring, help in the rest room, and with dining.
Physical Therapy
  • Individual and group physical therapy sessions led by licensed Physical Therapist, incorporating exercises designed o maintain strength and independence.
Occupational Therapy
  • Individual and group sessions led by licensed Occupational Therapist to restore, maintain, and enhance functional capabilities and facilitate the learning of skills essential for adaptation to disability.
  • Assist and cue participants with swallowing disorders during meals, and train other staff members to provide assistance
Speech Therapy
  • Services for individuals and small groups by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist for treatment of swallowing, speech-language, and cognitive-communication disorders that result in communication disabilities in order to improve communication skills, language comprehension, memory, and problem solving.
Music Therapy
  • Evidence-based music interventions to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals by creating, singing, moving to, and/or listening to music, including morning sing-a-longs, instrument playing, drum circle, songwriting, movement and exercise/dance, music sharing and social interaction.
  • Music and Memory Program where music playlists are tailored to the individual, and provided on iPods with individual, dedicated headsets. Participants can also share their music via speaker connections.

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