Getting Started at Rosener House

Rosener House social work staff assist families with the enrollment process. They ensure that both the caregiver and the potential participant are guided through the process. They learn about each family’s unique situation and the participant’s individual needs and interests. The social work team ensures that the enrollment process progresses professionally and efficiently.

To begin the Enrollment Process
Contact us to talk to you about your individual needs and concerns, answer your questions and schedule a tour.

The Social Worker or the Family Services Manager will arrange a time when the caregiver and the potential participant can tour the center. At the conclusion of the tour, the caregiver and the potential participant will be invited to schedule a visit day.

For more information
Contact us at (650) 322-0126 or by email.

The visit day will give the potential participant an opportunity to experience the program by meeting participants and joining the activities.

A staff companion will be assigned to familiarize the visitor with the program, participants, and staff. The Social Worker will meet with the caregiver to obtain general information and learn about both the caregiver’s and potential participant’s needs.


Following the visit day, the multi-disciplinary staff will assess the potential participant in order to determine if their needs can be met by the program. If the potential participant seems appropriate for the program, the Social Worker will inform the caregiver that the potential participant is eligible to proceed with the Enrollment Process. The Social Worker will send the Application Packet to the caregiver.

The Application Packet consists of two parts. The Medical Information Form is completed by the potential participant’s physician and includes health information, medical history, current medications, and proof of a negative test for tuberculosis.


The second part of the Application Packet is completed by the caregiver and includes general family information, potential participant information, and various forms required by California Dept. of Social Services-Community Care Licensing. The Social Worker will assist the caregiver throughout the Enrollment Process.

The Enrollment Process is complete when the Social Worker receives both the completed Medical Information Form and the required Application Forms. The Registered Nurse will review the application, and then the Social Worker will contact the caregiver to schedule a start date.

The first weeks of the program will be a period of adjustment for both the participant and caregiver. The Social Worker will communicate with the caregiver about how their family member is doing in the program and offer guidance and support. We encourage caregivers to call with any questions or concerns.

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